London Ice Varsity


The inaugural London Ice Varsity was held in 2013 following the formation of the UCL Yeti’s into the British University Ice Hockey Association. Finding themselves in the same division, the Yetis and Devils quickly became familiar enemies on the ice, of which the London Ice Varsity would be the final grudge match of the season. First held in Brixton ice rink, the event has now moved to Streatham, home of both the Devils and Yeti’s, allowing upwards of 600 attendees to witness the rivalry unfold.  Heightened by the physicality allowed at Varsity matches, the event is a fantastic showcase of a fast paced, skilful and powerful game.


2013: Devils 7-3 UCL

2014: Devils 5-4 UCL (SO)

2015: Devils 2-4 UCL

2016: Devils 2-9 UCL

2017: Devils 6-3 UCL

2018:  Devils 10-3 UCL

Replay | Highlights

2019: Devils 6-3 UCL

Replay | Highlights

London Ice Varsity 2019: Stream

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