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Our A team and B team both play in leagues organised by the British Universities Ice Hockey Association (BUIHA). This year, the A team will be playing in Division 2 Checking South, and the Bs will be in Division 2 Non-Checking South. We are in the process of organising a C-team London league to give new starters a chance to experience competitive hockey! Full schedules for the season, information about our club and others and the results from fixtures can all be found on the BUIHA website.



Join us – Training: kit and transport

We welcome people of all abilities at our team training sessions; although we recommend that beginners go to our Learn to Play program in addition to, or before attending full training sessions. Please let us know beforehand if you’d like to attend.

We are able to provide full kits (including skates) in different sizes, however we only have a certain amount of kits so make sure to let us know what size kit you’ll be needing. We recommend that regular players purchase their own skates as the season progresses on. Additionally, we can provide transport to and from the rink in club minibuses which leave from the Imperial College Union. Spaces are limited so once again, let us know if you’ll be needing transport!


Join us – Cup competitions

To play for the Imperial Devils in league games, you will have to be a student or staff member at a University. This includes Open University or online university courses which have 40 credits and are of at least one year in duration. If you’re unsure, just send us an email or contact us on facebook.

What you need to do to play in cup matches:

Firstly, we ask that all members purchase club membership. This will give you priority over non-members for spaces at training/club kits and allows you to vote for next years committee at the end of the year. It also gives the club access to more of its grant from the union, which means that we won’t have to raise prices for training/matches. Membership can be bought here. If you are not a member of the Imperial College union and can’t buy membership, talk to us at training or send us an email.

Then, you must buy BUIHA registration. This is a fee imposed by BUIHA for registering each player, and mostly goes towards insurance. You cannot play in BUIHA matches until you are registered.

As always, if you have any questions, get in touch!

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