When are trainings?

Trainings are usually held on Monday evenings, from 11pm till 12:30am at Streatham Ice Rink. Learn to play sessions are held on Wednesdays from 5pm-6pm at Queensway Ice Rink. NB: These are subject to change at the start of next season.

When do you normally play games?

We normally play games on the weekend on either Saturday or Sunday around 9pm. Away games can vary depending on where you’re playing.

Can I join trainings if I’m not at Imperial?

Absolutely! We welcome players to train with us, although we will not be able to provide you with any equipment if you are not eligible to sign for the team (non-university players).

How do I join the team?

Just send us an email! We are happy to chat with you and see which team will be most suitable and make sure that you’re eligible. Don’t worry if you can’t make all the training sessions, particularly if you have some ice hockey experience and can only make the games.

Do I need to know how to play hockey to join?

Definitely not! While you may not be throwing checks on the A-team immediately, we have a Learn to Play programme specifically designed for bringing people from not having skated before to a fully fledged ice hockey player. We have a C-team which will be composed primarily of beginner players in a fun, supportive environment.

Can I play for Imperial if I’m at a different university or if i’m not a student?

Possibly- if you’re a student at UCL, or are in a University of London university, we will have to check and plead our case to the BUIHA for your eligibility. Being a student or staff member in all other universities in London make you eligible to play for us, including those enrolled in online course. Send us a message if you’re unsure and we can check for you.

Do I need equipment to train?

No. We have full kits and skates available for players to borrow. We recommend that players buy their skates when they know they want to commit to the sport, however we realise that it can cost a lot of money to build up your own equipment set! Just let us know your size prior to trainings or games and we can sort it on a first come first served basis.

Is it expensive to play?

We do our best to reduce the costs to as low as possible. Trainings, games and memberships for the whole year are the bulk of the costs which will all be published on our union website.

Can I come and watch?

Of course! We welcome and appreciate all fans who come to support (or heckle) us. Entries to all league games are free, except for our annual London Ice Varsity fixture versus UCL, featuring figure skating, hotdogs, beer and awesome entertainment on ice!

I don’t want to play, but can I join socials and buy merchandise?

Absolutely. Just send us an email, or join our mailing list!

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